Birthday Party Packages (prices are for 16 participants)

Hip-Hop Party
One hour of hip-hop
+ 30 min. for your cake & games/gifts
Ages 6–teen
Princess Ballerina Party
15 minutes to dress up in costume
Choose your princess for 45 min. of Storytime ballet
+ 30 minutes for your cake & games/gifts
Ages 3 and up
Thematic Dance Party
Choose your theme or story for 1 hour of dance + 30 minutes for your cake & games/gifts
Ages 3 and up



Princess Choices for Storytime Ballet

Cinderella, Snow White, the Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Swan Lake

Thematic Party Ideas

Luau, masquerade ball, "The Knight That Wouldn't Fight Dragons," or the story or theme of your choice

For reservations: 512-419-7611

Party Policies

  1. All prices are based on 16 participants including the birthday child. Additional children may be added with the reservation of an additional staff member at least 14 days prior to the event. The charge for the staff memeber is $50..
  2. All party reservations are 1 1/2hours long.
  3. You may arrive up to 15 min. prior for set up and you may stay up to 15 min. after to collect your items. There will be a late fee of $1 charged to your account on file for each additional minute after this 15 min.
  4. You may bring decorations if you wish. Your decorations need to be limited to what you can set up in 15 min. We suggest a center piece and one chair decoration or balloon per child. NO TAPE MAY BE USED ON THE WALLS. CONFETTI AND GLITTER ARE NOT PERMITTED.
  5. Furthur decorations or additional set up and break down time must be approved by the studio owner at an additional fee.
  6. The studio staff will be available to you 15 min. prior to your reservation & until 15 min. after your reservation.
  7. The studio will provide the following for 16 participants: one staff member, costumes for dress up, plates, napkins, forks, clear plastic cups, party favors, table linens, tables, and chairs for children only.
  8. Adults may drop off students at the party or stay to watch in the viewing area. Adults are not allowed inside the dance studios. You may provide refreshments for the adults in the lobby at your discretion.
  9. Participants must have a valid waiver signed by their parent before entering the party.
  10. Shoes are not permitted in the dance studios. Participants may dance bare foot or in LEATHER ballet shoes. House slippers are not permitted due to slippage.