Registration - Step 1 - Required Reading



Registration (see schedule/school class page) - Paid online for public classes
Costume (see schedule/school class page) - Due upon enrollment

Tuition (see schedule/school class page) - Due upon enrollment

Recital/Event Fee (see schedule/school class page) - Due upon enrollment

Late costume order vendor fee applies after Dec. 31, 2014, see Central schedule page.

(only applicable to public locations)


Read before you register for weekly classes and camps.

  1. Recital - Required for all classes except Yoga Lunch at the Theatre, and Toddler. Costume(s) and Recital fees apply.

  2. Initial payment information – I understand that in order to hold a space in a class, I will need to pay the annual family registration fee at this time, and an installment payment for continuous enrollment classes or public classes that have already begun.  The payment will run upon completion of the on-line enrollment.  If automatic payment information is not provided, the enrollment will be automatically canceled at midnight.  The start date will be the first class visited. There are no free classes. Teacher rosters will be checked and tuition for classes already attended will be collected in addition to the initial payment.  All charges are electronically processed automatically on their due dates. A prorated amount will be charged if I am registering after the class start date.

    A service fee will be applied to my account to process declined, unfunded, or rejected payments because it drops out of the automated system when a scheduled payment does not successfully complete and a staff member has to request another attempt to collect. If payment is not honored by the bank or credit card institution, then Dance Discovery at its discretion may resubmit the amount due for payment on a future date.
  3. Good email address required - Parents must have a valid e-mail address on file with Dance Discovery, that  is read routinely, so they can receive time sensitive communications from the staff. I understand that Dance Discovery has a paperless administration process and the primary mode of contact is via e-mail, which I will monitor and read routinely and will not mark as “spam."

  4. Automatic Payment - Registration means agreeing to automatic withdrawals from your account on file (Visa, MC, Discover, or checking account), which may run at 12:01 AM on the transaction date. All payment information must remain current and provided 7 days in advance of any monthly charges, including new billing zip code, new expiration date, and name changes. All charges are processed electronically and automatically on the designated due dates.  Physical checks are not accepted on a monthly bases.  Any physical check received for payment will be used for entering the routing and account number into the database, voided, and will not be deposited in a bank. The check will be destroyed.

  5. PAYMENT END DATES -Only public classes at Tarrytown (American Legion), and the Central Studio will have a designated ending month and final 9th installment payment on April 25, 2013. Children taking dance through their childcare center at Bright Horizons, Stepping Stone, Four Seasons, Sunshine Academy, and Abacus School of Austin will be billed continuously year round with no end date until I give 30 day drop notification.

  6. How to drop the class -  You must give us 30 days notice if you wish to drop a class.  A student may only drop a class by calling the Central Studio office at 419-7611. (Daycare centers and preschools do not provide withdrawal information to our staff, parents must do this themselves.) Teachers can not edit payment tables.

  7. Missed classes - There are no refunds or adjustments due to absences, however, make-ups are available in public locations with openings in age appropriate classes.
  8. I understand the Avery Ranch Dance Discovery is not a child care facility and is therefore not regulated by the state.

I understand and agree to the above